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CoroWare Announces Partnership With FRST to Deliver Unmanned Systems
Another paper published by our own Dr Vatcha.
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Robotics Operations CoroWare Charlotte (ROCC)

CoroWare's division of Robotics is in Charlotte, NC, USA. We have been developing affordable research-grade CoroBots (mobile robots with or without manipulators) for our customers, worldwide, since 2007. We have been also providing automation services in field of Robotics as desired by our customers since 2005. We are well known for deploying customized CoroBots to fulfill customers needs and implementing advanced algorithms, such as, motion planning, localization, machine vision, etc. in real-time.

We sell educational, research-grade, inspection, and security & surveillance bots. The educational bots are aimed for Middle-School, High-school, and early college level students who are just entering in the field of robotics. The research-grade robots are meant to be used by researchers or graduate students in testing out their algorithms for usage of autonomous CoroBot.

The CoroBots developed for inspection and security & surveillance are tele-operated or exhibit semi-autonomous behavior. At the core of it's design is to provide security and law enforcement units with a rugged, all terrain, and water proof assistive device that allows them to remotely investigate potentially dangerous situations removing the risk of human harm such as vehicle inspection for IEDs.

The CoroWare name was chosen because it represents the Company's original vision of developing and marketing COmputer and RObotics softWare and hardWare solutions and products. CoroWare's logo, a registered trademark, displays a large "C" with sweeping ends to symbolize forward and growing motion. We intend to revolutionize the field of robotics by making it affordable and easy to use for our customers.

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